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SKINXTC™ Skincare

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SKINXTC™ ix pen Collagen Induction Therapy Kit:

SKINXTC™ ix pen is a collagen induction therapy kit that offers cosmetic procedures for effective removal of wrinkles, fine lines, acne & scars. 

  •  Level speed: 1-6
  • Cartridges included 
  • 3 x 18pin & 3 x 24pin 

SKINXTC™ ix pen provides an effective aesthetic treatment to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of skin through the process of collagen induction therapy (CIT), also known as micro-needling.  The tiny pinpricks caused by the procedure cause minimal injury, stimulating the fibroblast cells to heal the skin, produce new collagen-rich tissue and elastin. Skin XTC’s ix pen treatment provides more even tone, texture and firmer skin.

SKINXTC™ ix pen micro needling treatment is also used to reduce wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, scarring and stretch marks. Our ix pen addresses other skin issues such as, acne, alopecia, rosacea and loose skin.

SKINXTC™ ix pen  CIT device promotes new collagen production which is the essential protein to keep skin looking youthful, firm and smooth.  Studies prove micro-needling with ix pen is more effective than dermabrasion, chemical peel and laser resurfacing.  

SKINXTC™ ix pen is less invasive than cosmetic surgery, the recovery time is minimal and redness of skin clears in 48 hours.


SKINXTC™ Product User Manual:

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