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SKINXTC™ Lift Skincare Set Beauty Bundle:

  • 2 x LIFT Microcurrent Device
  • 1 x Charis Microcurrent & Warm Heat Energy Device
  • 2 x Electra Conductive Booster Gel
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SKINXTC™ LIFT Microcurrent skincare facial device for sculpt, contour and lift results. Boost ATP production, reduce wrinkles, improve complexion and tighten skin elasticity.  SKINXTC™ LIFT Microcurrent technology is a popular aesthetic treatment to firm and tone skin by re-educating facial muscles.  The microcurrent output stimulates muscles with electrical impulses known as microamps (uA).  SKINXTC™ microcurrent device offers a natural cosmetic lift by replicating the body’s electrical current system. Electrical signals that emit from SKINXTC™ LIFT microcurrent technology reach tendons and facial muscles to restore muscle memory of the body’s natural biological electrical current.   SKINXTC™ LIFT Microcurrent output creates a cellular reaction to increase APT production and the body’s effectiveness to process essential protein.  APT is the body’s protein energy source that powers the muscle to contract and rebuild muscle strength of a younger person.

  • Frequency Hertz: 8.11Hz
  • Microcurrent amps: 300-600(uA)
  • Power: 800mAh milliamps
  • Levels: 1-5
  • Beeps every 5 seconds (indicator)
  • Auto-switch off: 5 minutes


SKINXTC™ Charis Microcurrent & Warm Heat Energy is a multi-function microcurrent and warm heat energy skincare device, slimline design with 360 degree rotating spheres.  SKINXTC™ Charis Microcurrent with WHE is the unique identity that brings Micro Heat Energy to life.  Charis warm heat energy technology is impressive with its superior efficacy for anti-aging, skin tightening, improving collagen and elastin, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, of a professional grade treatment with an ‘at home’ device.

  • Microcurrent output 600 – 1,000 (uA)
  • Level: 1 – 3
  • Warm Heat Energy 38-40c
  • Portable device


SKINXTC™ Electra Conductive Booster Gel is designed to provide exceptional results from SKINXTC™ anti-aging devices for, EMS, RF, HIFU, Pulse, Sonic Massage Vibration, Microcurrent and Ion (positive & negative) modes.  Use conductive booster gel with its added benefits of deep skin nourishment, moisturising and hydrating elements for ultimate results from SKIN XTC anti-aging skincare devices.  Experience the boost in power, performance and results from your beauty device with our conductive gel.

  • High conductivity booster gel
  • Water based
  • Organic ingredients
  • No parabens
  • Fragrance free
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